Our infrastructure is core to quality, innovation and our customers' changing requirements. In 35 years, we have evolved from one plant, one single extruder to multiple plants with state-of-the art modern machinery, quality testing laboratories and a capable workforce to match to the growing demand of the packaging industry. Synpack’s readiness to accommodate and expand to match new challenges in the industry is clearly reflected in the recent media focus, recognition in the packaging industry backed by many awards & laurels.


Synpack strongly believes that a great quality product germinates from even greater infrastructure. To support this, we have the best machines that are maintained and checked for quality on a constant basis. Our machines are majorly distributed as per:

Wide Width Multi Layer Extrusion

  • 5.5 Meter Lay Flat Tubing; 11 Meter Wide Sheet.
  • Synpack boasts of the largest blown film co-ex wide width plant in South East Asia, extending up to a tubing of 5.5 meters lay flat/11 meter sheet.
  • This state of the art line is specifically dedicated to the extrusion of dry bulk container liner film and has other applications such as green house film, geo membrane film and other wide width specialized applications.

5 Layer Co-Extrusion

  • A 5 Layer Alpine Hosakawa line ranging up to 2.4 meter wide film.
  • Specialized Film for various applications are manufactured on this line.
  • Barrier Film with the infusion of Nylon, EVOH, EVA etc. are produced.
  • Oil Film, Alcohol Film, UHT Milk Film, Lidding Film, Thermoforming Film, Green House Film etc. are also widely manufactured on this line.

3 Layer co-extrusion

  • A wide range of Multi Layer Film catering to various segments such as food, Pharma, Industrial, Oil and Alcohol are manufactured on our 3 Layer Lines.
  • A key application on these lines, would be PE Film for Lamination.
  • Dual colored Film such as Mulch Film, Adhesive Film etc. are extruded ensuring no shift of color from the inner to outer layer.

Mono Layer Extrusion

  • Synpack first begun its operations of extrusion with a single mono layer line.
  • The core applications of the film processed on our mono layers would cater to the needs of industrial packaging consumers, news paper and print packaging, magazine covers, bags and liners.
  • Another key market would be the mosquito coil industry pertaining to the coil covers.

Central Impression 8 Color Printing

  • A CI Press has been installed to cater to high definition print which would be very hard to replicate.
  • SynPack uses this technology to cater to printed film requirements for oil film, courier bags, milk film and other specific printing applications in the PE industry.

Tamper Proof Courier Bag Machine

  • This machine has been installed to cater predominantly to the eCommerce segment as well as the courier industry.
  • Other segments of application would be examination papers, jewelry, gold deposits for loans, important bank documents, cash bags etc.
  • The key advantage is that the bag can not be tampered with.

Side Sealing,
Impulse Sealing and Bottom Sealing Machines

  • Synpack has a range of various types and designs of sealed bags/pouches to cater to various customer and product requirements.
  • As per the customer requirement, the type of sealing is customized ensuring the high seal strength.

Zip Lock Bag and Slider Bag Extrusion

  • Synpack has 2 predominant varieties of Self Lock bags:
    1. Zip Lock bags
    2. Slider Bags
  • Both of which have separate lines and processes of extrusion, catering distinguished clientele and markets.

Caste Stretch Film Extrusion

  • A 1.5 meter 3 Layer caste stretch film line has been installed to cater to industrial packaging applications, palette wrapping, food packaging, pharma packaging segments etc.
  • We can also manufacture co-ex pre stretch film thus benefitting customers in terms of cost.
  • Both hand wrap and machine wrap are widely manufactured to cater to different requirements of customers.

Air Bubble Extrusion

  • A 3 Layer and a 5 Layer caste air bubble extrusion has been setup to cater to several different packaging applications.
  • Anti Static air bubble film as well as VCI air bubble film has been pioneered by Synpack.

PP Straw Extrusion

  • A Plant has been setup specifically for extruding PP straws as well as flexible straws.
  • Coffee Stirrers are also extruded on this diversified line.
  • Straws of various dimensions are manufactured to fulfill the requirements of the beverage industry.

Zipper Profile Extrusion

  • LDPE Zipper profiles of different widths are manufactured according to customer needs.
  • This caters to the standy pouch requirements, thus making the pouches reusable due to its reseal-able character of the zipper.

Polyolefin Shrink Film Extrusion

  • A mixture of LLDPE and PP is infused to process the thinnest form of shrink film ranging from 10 microns to 25 microns.
  • This is a double bubble process enhancing strength and transparency.
  • Caters to books and magazine packaging, pharma, food packaging, preform packaging, plywood export packaging and many other applications.

Co-ex Shrink Film Extrusion

  • We manufacture mono layer and three layer LDPE shrink film which are passed through hot air tunnels so as to wrap and hold the product that is being packed together.
  • It is mainly used to package pet bottles, cans, jars, containers etc.