At Synpack we believe in developing people from within. Our work environment follows stringent policies to ensure employee productivity and benefits which surpass others in the industry.

Synpack believes in equality at workplace with due respect given to the individual and skills.

We would invite you to join the Synpack family by applying to the following open positions:

  1. Supervisor :
    • 7 + years of Experience required in similar work environment
    • Motivated and development oriented
    • Flexible and ready to evolve
    • Ability to work under high pressure
  2. Marketing Manager:
    • 5+ years of experience in managing marketing functions, executing campaigns and delivering brand proposition
    • Ability to drive change and work with agencies
    • Ability to build effective networks and drive the brand value
    • Understanding of sales
  3. Operator:
    • 3+ years of experience in extrusion or related field
    • Good communication skills

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